Artist Spotlight

R3M supports artists who love the game as much as we do.

Artists Ralph Fugate, Reza Safa and Tom Havlasek are just that. While they differ in style, they are unified in passion, enthusiasm and delivering excellence in every story they tell on canvas.

Each comes with their own style and flair and inspires the same emotions felt as when watching these iconic moments in sports history.

Ralph Fugate

Ralph Fugate is a full-time artist from Jackson, Kentucky, who specializes in sports art. He’s a proud father of two beautiful children, Abbey and Jack. Ralph was selected as the Official Artist of the 2021 Kentucky Derby painting the Official Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks Posters.

Reza Safa

Reza Safa is a painter from Tehran, Iran who moved to Houston to learn painting. Learning the harmony of lines in the art of calligraphy gave him the foundation for his unique style of impressionism – a combination of lines, brush strokes, and the use of bold colors, as well as harmony between oil and acrylic paint in a single painting. Reza believes “a painting must be alive; it must make you feel something.”

Tom Havlasek

Tom Havlasek is an artist from the Czech Republic with a passion for motorsport. Tom likes to “paint dirty” using droplets, splashes, and blurs. Tom exhibited one of his famous paintings in Atelier gallery in Monaco during the Historic Monaco Grand Prix. He has also had his own exhibition in LeMans Legend Café.
Images may not be used without the written permission of the artist.

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